What makes the
R&DA Military Assistance
Program unique?

  • 100% of all funds go to Wounded Warriors and their Families.
  • We work together with a number of charity partners to serve Wounded Warriors and their Families.
  • We also work with military and nonprofit partners to identify and fill voids of other Wounded Warrior programs.
  • We react quickly for emergency support.
  • We ensure dignity in our donations.
  • We provide the ability for the military member in hospitals to reach out to their families.
  • We have reached thousands of individuals since we began this program.
  • We will continue this program until there are no military in need of assistance.

More Information
To print a brochure and contribution form, click here: MAP Brochure

We wish to extend a special thank you to those who have contributed to this worthwhile fund.  Your contribution will greatly enhance our efforts and ability to assist our wounded warriors and their families.



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