2017 Meeting Presentations/Briefings

October 23, 2017

R&DA “Boot Camp 101”
Mr. John McNulty, Executive Director

 Unitized Group Ration-A Work Group
New Items Introduction, Field Testing, JSORF Approval, and Table I (Menus) and Table II (Requirements)” Ms. Sue Harrington, Natick Soldier RD&E Center

“Army Requirements and Quality Assurance”
Ms. Beverly Hamlette
Joint Culinary Center of Excellence (JCCoE)

“Contracting, CONUS/OCONUS Usage, and New Source Submittals”
         Mr. Harry Streibich, DLA Troop Support

October 24, 2017

Session I: Welcome & Administration

Mr. John McNulty, Executive Director

Session II: Keynote Address

COL Mark T. Simerly
DLA Troop Support

Session III: R&DA Military Assistance Program Update

"Military Assistant Updates"
Mr. Barney Rosner, MAP Board Chairman

Colonel Edward L. Hubbard, US Air Force (Ret)
"What Does Your Coffee Do?"
Ms. Nanine Mattei, Reveille Foods

Session IV: APHC Updates

“Leading Change, Easier Said than Done”
        LTC(P) John C. Beach
Program Food Protection Manager, APHC

Session V: Service and Agency Updates

"USAF Overview Feeding Programs"
Mr. Bill Spencer, Chief Food & Beverage Support Branch
US Air Force

“USMC Update”
LtCol Gary Spinelli
Director, Food Service and Subsistence
USMC Food Service

“Food Service Rolls On”
Ms. Cara Vartuli-Dusablon
Division Chief, CSPD
“Quality Assurance Division Update”
Ms. Beverly Hamlette
Army Field Feeding Specialist

Session VI: DoD Combat Feeding Update

“Organizational Update Combat Feeding Directorate”
Mr. Steve Moody
Director, DoD Combat Feeding Program

 Session VII: DLA Troop Support Subsistence Program

"NAPA/MPA Pricing Program Update"
Ms. Janine Samoni
DLA Troop Support

                                   Session VIII: Combat Feeding Science & Technology Work Group

"Hot Topics in Performance Nutrition"
Ms. Danielle Anderson
M.S. Food Scientist
  "MATS Technology and Its Application to Food Packaging"
Mr. Corey Hauver
Materials Engineer
"Survival of Salmonellas in Low Moisture Military Ration Products"
Dr. Genevieve Flock
Research Microbiologist
  "Multi-purpose Individual Heating Technology (MIT) Development Update"
Mr. Peter Lavigne
Chemical Engineer 

October 25, 2017

Session IX: Welcome & Administration

Mr. John McNulty, Executive Director

Session X: Food Service, Packaging, Equipment & Technologies Work Group

“Developing Research for Practical Approaches on Natural Antimicrobial Use"
Dr. Mathew Taylor
Assistant Professor, Food Microbiology & Dept. of Animal Science
Texas A&M University
"Water Properties in Foods: How They are Measured and Their Effects on Ration Stability and Shelf Life"
Ms. Michelle Richardson
Sr. Food Technologist, FEAT
US Army Natick Soldier RD&E
“Natick S&T Efforts Supporting UGR Preparation in Field Environments"
Mr. Bob Bernazzani
Team Leader, JFET
US Army Natick Soldier RD&E

Session XI: Feeding Programs

“The Health of the Army Food Program”
CW5 James Donaldson
Army Food Advisor

Session XII: Feeding Our Allies

"Feeding Norwegian Troops”
CDR Pål Stenberg
Head Section
Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization
“Rations Update from the Canadian Armed Forces”
Ms. Hilda-Anne Troupe
Nutrition Advisor
Department of National Defence Canada

   Session XIII: USDA Updates

“USDA Lab Missions”
Mr. Jonathan Barber, Laboratory Supervisor
US Department of Agriculture

Session XIV: Rations Work Group

I: Military Individual Rations

“Contracting Insights, Individual Rations”
Ms. Candice Campbell
Chief, Individual Rations, DLA Troop Support

“Rations Improvements for Individuals”
Ms. Julie Smith
Sr. Food Technologist, Natick Soldier RD&E Center

  II: Inspections, Products Specifications & Quality Systems/Audits

“USDA/Agricultural Marketing Service Inspection Update”
Mr. Louis Obot

“Quality Systems Results”
Mr. John King
Auditor DLA Troop Support 

III: Military Group and Commercial Rations

“Latest and Greatest in Group Rations Contracts”
Mr. Tom Haley
Chief, Group Rations DLA Troop Support

“What’s New in UGR-A Rations”
Ms. Sue Harrington
Sr. Food Technologist, Natick Soldier RD&E Center